Where would you be as a Blog about Danish film, without a little list representing your absolute favorites. In this case we can provide you with a best Danish Movies top 10 of our mothersite Europeanmovies.org, which we strongly support. 

So here it is our Danish movies top 7:

1. Festen

2. Adam’s Apples

3. Melancholia

4. In a Better World

5. Flickering Lights

6. Open Hearts

7. After the Wedding

8. The Bench

9. Brothers

10. In China they Eat Dogs

For reviews and trailers of the above mentioned Danish films you should stop by our website’s Top Best Danish Films



At the very end of March this excellent new Danish movie has been released. It is safe to say it the most highly anticipated Danish movie of 2012. And it has been received by the Danish critics remarkably well. A Royal Affair or En Kongelige Affaere is about one of Denmark’s most famous stories. Now it has finally been brought to the cinema. It has been directed by Nicolai Arcel (Screenplay of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and it is starring Denmark’s biggest movie star Mads Mikkelsen. This summer it will be released in other countries (UK 15 June).

‘A young queen, who is married to an insane king, falls secretly in love with his physician – and together they start a revolution that changes a nation forever.’

Trailer of A Royal Affair:

Indeed, that is what this will be. A blog looking back on all the great things that Danish Cinema has produced, but even more so on what Denmark has in store for us. Danish Film is probably not the biggest industry quantity wise, but it definitely thrumps many countries quality-wise. The amount of amazing films being created each year are an absolute joy for every film fan. We intend to provide you with trailers reviews and trailers. We shall not only focus on Danish Movies, but also on Danish TV Series. This is a logical choice since Danish television series have conquered the Western World. Series like the Killing and Borgen have got their rights sold world wide. In the case of the Killing even an American remake was made. We hope you will stop by once in a while to check up the current events in Danish cinema!